Bree and Jessica prepare to serve up their fancy steak and chips.
Bree and Jessica prepare to serve up their fancy steak and chips. Channel 7

South Australian mums blitz the competition on MKR

HUMBLE housewives Bree and Jessica proved they're a "force to be reckoned with" on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The busy Adelaide mums are putting themselves first for once, with the hopes of using the show to launch their own food tour and cooking lessons business.

Their near-perfect score of 90 out of 100 has certainly got them off to a good start on the reality cooking show.

Their Sage instant restaurant and menu reflected the fine dining they don't get the chance to cook much at home for their families.

"Is this what you call fine dining? So do I," said Manu Feildel after tasting their scallop entree.

His fellow judge Pete Evans called it the best dish served up on the series so far, and later saying he would give it a score of 11 if he could.

Bree and Jessica stress over their perfect scallop entree.
Bree and Jessica stress over their perfect scallop entree.

"I didn't' know what to expect coming to Adelaide and trying your food," Evans said.

"I wasn't expecting this. The sweetness of the scallops, the sharpness of the sauce and then the saltiness of the pancetta and then finally the bitter greens, this to me is the best dish in the competition so far."

The mums continued their winning streak with the main course, beef fillet cooked using the Chateaubriand technique.

Bree likened the discovery that the meat was cooked medium rare to the relief after childbirth.

The risk of cooking the beef in the salt dough paid off.

Their fancy, French version of steak and chips looked simple but the flavoursome meat was "to die for" according to the judges.

Evans called it absolutely delicious and Feildel's only critique was the béarnaise sauce.

"That technique that you used is magical," Feildel said.

"On top of being tender and well cooked, the flavour of it was just unbelievable.

"I'm hoping we're going to have a wicked dessert."

Clearly cooking and serving up a three-course meal is a walk in the park compared to raising two girls and running a household.

The mums seemed to barely break a sweat in the kitchen, but their decision to use mud cake instead of sponge cake in their dessert prevented them from doing a hat trick.

"It seems like you've got two different desserts on the plate, which don't' really go well with each other," Evans said.

"It's a shame because I wanted this to be a hat trick. Don't be disheartened; it's been a great night."

The split-personality dessert had the guests divided. Some liked the mousse while others preferred the mud-cake base.

Bree and Jessica react to their high score.
Bree and Jessica react to their high score.

But it was a minor misstep in an otherwise flawless evening.

Bree and Jessica's score of 90 puts them at the top of the leader board for the second round of instant restaurants, but still five points behind Greek twins Helena and Vikki.

Perth mates Jess and Felix are the last team of the group to host their instant restaurant on Sunday night.

Felix has vowed to put the "nail in the coffin" of lowest-ranked team Harry and Christo.

Will he and Jess be able to back up their bravado on Sunday night?



Entrée: Scallops with wilted bitter greens and Stilton dressing

Main: Salt baked Chateaubriand with chervil béarnaise and pommes frites

Dessert: Raspberry mousse cake with macerated berries and sugar crusted almonds

Score: 90/100

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