The woman’s body was found in a townhouse on Florida St, Sylvania
The woman’s body was found in a townhouse on Florida St, Sylvania

Pitchfork may have been used in murder of Sydney mum

POLICE have arrested a man after his mother was found dead in a south Sydney townhouse this morning.

About 6.45am today police were called to Florida St in Sylvania where they found the body of a 55-year-old woman.

Her other son, 31 discovered Ms Connors bloodied body in her bed. There were visible extensive injuries.

Another man, her 28-year-old son, was arrested in St Peters and taken to Newtown police station where he is being questioned.

A police source said the man took the woman's car and the family dog before he was stopped on the Princes Highway.

Police believe a pitchfork, which was seized, is the murder weapon but are also investigating a crossbow recovered from the car.

Superintendent Michael O'Toole from Miranda police station said it was impossible to tell at this early stage when exactly the woman was killed, but they were not ruling out that she was killed last night on Mother's Day.

"Upon arrival this morning police located the body of a woman in her bed," he said.

"The woman resided with her two sons - a 28-year-old and a 31-year-old.

"The eldest is with Miranda police assisting with inquiries. He is not in custody ... he is very distraught as he was the one who came across the incident and called police to attend.

"The youngest son was pulled over by Miranda police in St Peters shortly after the incident ... A cross boy and a number of items were taken out of that vehicle.

Next door neighbour 29-year-old Janine McCrohon said she was "absolutely shocked"

"You don't think that sort of thing would happen next door," Ms McCrohon said.

"I went to school with the youngest son, he was a year or so below me at school."

"The woman's car isn't here.

We saw police leave the scene with her oldest son this morning."

"But her youngest son always says hello to the kids and the neighbours. He was the nice one in the family.



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