Slap in the face to community

Campbell Hospital at Coraki
Campbell Hospital at Coraki

I AM disgusted, and hold great contempt for Chris Crawford and Northern NSW Local Health for terminating services in Coraki at Campbell Hospital.

The website says: "Campbell Hospital, Coraki is a local community, level 2 rural hospital within the Northern New South Wales Health District providing care to over 380 patients every year. Services provided include emergency, general medicine and aged care. The hospital sees over 2000 emergency attendances annually."

So why the cuts? Campbell Hospital serves a growing community of Coraki, Bungawalbin, Box Ridge, New Italy, Evans Head, Woodburn, and Codrington and has (historically) been able to cater to the overflow from Lismore Base and Casino Hospitals as well as care for patients of the local community. Now the region is disadvantaged.

Chris Crawford and his penny-pinchers have no concern for the health of the public.

After many years of public debate and outcry about his plans to cut/close services, Crawford has used rain damage to a part of the roof as an excuse to close services at the community-built Campbell Hospital. The community raised the finances to have the roof repaired, but were vetoed by Crawford.

Dr Rosie Craig said: "Obviously the people who are making the decision to keep the hospital closed don't live in Coraki or know the effects of their actions. The local health district is very rude and disrespectful towards the people of Coraki and don't have their interests at heart."

Crawford has played the waiting game in the hope that community outcry would cease.

Sorry Mr Crawford. We aren't going away and our reasons for proper health care are the same.

Some of us may have died since 2005 when our claims began, but I'm sure many others are in total disbelief as am I, of your decision and very, very angry.


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