In the Picture

She’s Out of My League

Rated MA

Directed by Jim Field Smith

I left this movie to go and have dental surgery and was glad to get to the dentist.

It wasn’t just that at the dentist’s I was given drugs to numb the pain; it was also that I felt less masochistic – at least I knew there was a purpose in having a tooth removed, whereas what the hell was I thinking going to a youth rom-com during the school holidays?

The answer is that it was the only thing showing between dental appointments but I wish I’d gone and read my book by the river instead.

The so-called humour in this appalling derivative is based on bodily functions in the style of American Pie with about the same level of subtlety. Or on people saying “f!@# you!”, which I’ve never understood as a joke, possibly because I’ve always seen it more as a lifestyle choice.

However, as I wasn’t always paying attention to the screen because I’m not a big fan of gross-out humour (and I don’t count double entendres about premature ejaculation as amusing word play), I did notice that the mostly teenage audience was tittering, which had me depressed about the future of the world until I remembered that the reason I was having a tooth removed was due to stupidity in my younger years.

This movie harks back to the dreadful teenage vehicles of 30 years ago – an eighties revival no-one needed. The sort of movie starring a youthful John Cusack or Molly Ringwald where the “ordinary” star falls for a drop-dead gorgeous and popular stunner (or in this case a “hard 10”, reviving that hideous chestnut of ranking people on their looks), they go through hard times and end up together proving that personality is more important than looks.

A fair enough lesson, although trite, and if people haven’t learnt that after childhood years of Beauty and the Beast or the Ugly Duckling or the Frog Prince or numerous other fairytales or Shrek then they’re probably doomed for a life of superficiality anyway.

And leading man Jay Baruchel is no Cusack, who always had charm and wit emanating from his performances even from a young age.

She’s Out of My League was just so unoriginal from the name to the ending, including some predictable jibes about homosexuality (isn’t it about time Hollywood stopped making young people already in a confusing time about their sexuality think that it’s okay to laugh at people for being gay?). And also, while I’m in favour of the whole nice guys don’t always finish last mentality, the nice guy should at least have something going for him and while the stereotypical secondary characters kept calling him “funny”, mildly sarcastic in a whiny voice just didn’t really stack up.

1 star for the bitchy best friend, who at least had some attitude.

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