Senate votes down Greens' CSG motion

POLITICIANS of every major party, including some Nationals Senators, voted down a Greens motion to stop the coal seam gas industry on Thursday.

The motion, put by Greens Senator Larissa Waters, called on the Federal Government, essentially, to make a commitment to stop the industry.

While about half the Senate was not present for the motion, regional Nationals Senators John Williams and Bridget McKenzie voted the motion down.

They were also joined by 37 other senators of both Labor and Liberal stripe, including Labor Ministers Stephen Conroy, Joe Ludwig and Chris Evans.

Senator Waters said the action of voting the motion down showed neither of the major parties were willing to control the CSG industry.

She said while the New South Wales Government last week ruled out any CSG activity within 2km of towns or cities, all federal politicians were happy to let the industry continue in regional areas.

"It's very convenient for both parties to go to western Sydney and say, we've stopped CSG in your backyard," Senator Waters said.

"But the vast majority of the industry is running rampant over farms and properties in regional NSW and Queensland, and it needs to be stopped there too."

The motion also had two caveats, which were that the Senate recognised the CSG industry was "a high-risk industry", and no CSG project had been rejected by the government.

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