Selective outrage

I viewed with great interest the recent outpourings of public outrage regarding the “racist” graffiti that appeared on the Aboriginal art gallery. We all saw front page colour spreads and huge headlines... all quite justified of course. It was a most reprehensible act. The headlines were joined during the ensuing few days by long letters of “apology” from various people (although I don’t imagine that these were the same people responsible for the very act itself. How one can apologise for something one did not actually do is quite beyond my apparently limited powers of understanding... but I digress).

I did think at the time that we were making some admirable progress, so I sat back and waited for some similar reaction to the graffiti that has recently been sprayed with red paint in the lane between Lismore Central and Blockbuster video. It’s clearly visible to the hundreds of people passing by every day.

Now, I asked myself, where are the huge front page expressions of outrage from either paper about this? Where are the messages of condolence this time from those concerned, public-spirited souls so anxious to prove their acceptance?

I looked and looked ... waited and waited... but… NOTHING! Nothing at all!

No complaints, no sympathy, no outrage, and no support... not a single mention anywhere!

Why, I asked myself? Am I the only person left in Lismore with eyes?

The graffiti’s message is all too clear and legible to anyone walking past. Even to young children, if they can read.

It expresses violence. It clearly uses very derogatory language. It’s directed towards a minority group.

It says, “Fight Me Faggot!”

Obviously we still have SO very, very far to go!

B Parker


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