THE 17-day search for Greg Hutchings and his daughter Eeva Dorendahl-Hutchings came to a tragic end yesterday morning when two bodies were found together in thick bush at Pottsville, in Northern NSW.

A murder investigation will be launched with Tweed Police Commander Stuart Wilkins confirming a murder-suicide was not being ruled out.

About 10am yesterday a State Emergency Service volunteer found two bodies at Pottsville Beach suspected to be the 35-year-old dad and his four-year-old daughter, after resuming a ground search with police about 8.30am.

Mr Hutchings' mother Diana Hutchings and his sister Sheri Hutchings were seen at the beach about 1pm, arms wrapped around each other as they contemplated the heart-wrenching discovery.

At a press conference yesterday afternoon, Superintendent Detective Wilkins said police were disappointed with the result.

"It's not the first time we have searched that area and it's a significantly dense area and the bodies were located secreted under a tree," Supt Wilkins said.

"It is quite obvious that they have been deceased for a considerable amount of time.

"The cause of death will be a matter for the coroner. Identification will also be a matter for the coroner, so we investigate the process of them being there, how they got there, what the cause of death was and we will make a report to the coroner after we've completed our investigations."

Supt Wilkins revealed the pair had gone missing in the past and police had been hopeful they would find them alive and well.

He said the family had been informed and were "significantly upset and distraught".

"Our heartfelt thoughts are with them today."

Before the discovery Mr Hutchings and his daughter had not been seen since they were last sighted on Pottsville Rd, Pottsville, about 12.30pm on Saturday, January 11.

The pair were due to meet family in a Pottsville park about noon but did not arrive, prompting family to call police.

Several air, land and sea searches were conducted since January 11, with police receiving tips from across Australia and even internationally.

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