Two primary school boys with a bag of icing sugar sparked a cocaine scare.
Two primary school boys with a bag of icing sugar sparked a cocaine scare. ©iStockphoto/aidaricci

Primary school coke hoax bittersweet

TWO boys with a bag of icing sugar sparked a hard drugs scare at a Rockhampton primary school.

Details have emerged of how a harmless prank led to the youngsters being suspended from school for telling their chums they had cocaine in a small plastic bag.

The principal asked the school's linked police officer – or Adopt-a-cop – to speak to the children and their parents after it had been established that the white substance was not a potential killer.

But Tuesday a furious parent attacked the school for failing to keep anxious families informed as rumours spread that children had been offered Class A drugs by fellow pupils.

The angry mum said until The Morning Bulletin was able to inform her that the matter had been investigated and no evidence of drugs was found, she feared the worst.

“It's a very strong rumour that two year 7 boys were caught in school with cocaine. We knew that the boys had been suspended from school for three days and I was very worried that it was an inadequate punishment for such a serious offence.”

She said she was highly concerned about a lack of information or official comment from the school.

“There are lots of vulnerable children there who could have easily been influenced to try something potentially harmful. I really think there's been an attempt to sweep the whole thing under the table and pretend it didn't happen but all that has done is allowed rumours to fester.

“It's the principal's duty to write to parents to explain what happened, what punishment was given and why.

“My confidence in the school has been shattered.”

The Morning Bulletin understands that the two boys were given a severe talking to by the police officer in the presence of their parents so they understood just how serious a matter it was.

The officer apparently found there was nothing in the family backgrounds of either boy linked to drugs and they were satisfied it was nothing more than a prank involving icing sugar.

A spokesman for Rockhampton Police said yesterday cocaine was not a common drug in the city.

The Morning Bulletin has decided not to name the specific school to protect the identity of the children involved in the incident.

Education Queensland said it preferred not to comment but supported the way the principal had handled the issue.

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