Gatecrashers Josh and Danielle pictured during their instant restaurant.
Gatecrashers Josh and Danielle pictured during their instant restaurant. Channel 7

Salmon and cinnamon? My Kitchen Rules judges say no way

JOSH and Danielle were more mad scientists than molecular masters on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The Geelong couple was crestfallen after failing to reach their lofty goal of scoring perfect 10s with their risky menu.

They pushed the envelope and taste buds with their unusual flavor combinations of cinnamon and salmon and banana and bacon.

Josh and Danielle might be second guessing their decision to leave their jobs for a career in food after scoring just 51 points for their three-course meal.

Their Alchemy theme made a good first impression with edible menus and dirt as well as lickable paintings, but the rest of the menu did not live up to expectations.

With guests waiting more than an hour for the entrée, the Gyoza wasn't deemed to be worth the wait.

"What you put on the plate here doesn't work together," judge Pete Evans said.

"Yes there are elements that are quite nice here but together it's a bit of a train wreck.

"For you to go further in this competition you may need to take a few steps back."

Following the judges' advice, Josh and Danielle taste tested all of the elements of their main course but they clearly have a very different idea of what flavours go well together.

Their combination of salmon, cinnamon and vanilla had some guests gagging at the table.

"I think if you had have had a piece of salmon, the pea and radish salad maybe with some fresh herbs through there, that done perfectly would have got you 10 points," Evans said.

"The biggest complaint I've got is the cinnamon biscuit."

Danielle was reduced to tears, with only Chloe and Kelly seeming to revel in their downfall.

The ever-positive Carly also cried and was the only one who seemed to enjoy the wacky dishes.

Josh and Danielle went some way towards redeeming themselves with their banana parfait dessert.

"Bacon for dessert, I actually enjoyed it," Evans said.

"It's memorable. The bacon worked because it was too sweet."

Melbourne mates Harry and Christo will host their second instant restaurant on Sunday.

Will Harry hold up under pressure this time?



Entrée: Oxtail and mushroom Gyoza with hazelnut and grape vinaigrette and apple sphere

Main: Sous vide salmon with cinnamon biscuit, vanilla mayonnaise and pea and radish salad

Dessert: Banana parfait with maple syrup bacon

Score:  51/100

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