Sailing the open sea for the sake of love

HOW far would you go for love? Literally how far? Would you engage in life-and-death sailing over open seas?

Watching the movie Jaws as a four-year-old made DeRoche terrified of the ocean her whole life, so falling in love with Ivan, an Argentinean man with a dream to sail around the world, forces her into a life-changing choice.


"He's not letting me flush out that seed of apprehension that I'm looking to find in him, the one that will confirm that his adventure is a bad idea."


After many dire warnings from family and friends and much soul-searching, this city girl takes the plunge and goes with him.

With opposite approaches to life, their grand love story requires some working through to find a place where they can meet. It's an up-and-down ride, emotions matching the waves.

The horrendous experience of the first few days of the journey overwhelms her…

"As if vomiting out of my nose wasn't already bad enough, the intense retching is now affecting my pelvic floor muscle control. 'Really?' I cry out to nobody. 'Really?' I fear the next thing to squirt out of my body will be my large intestine."

Gradually she finds her sea legs, until miraculously… "Accumulated anxiety puddles at my feet, leaving behind a thawed version of myself: a happy, hopeful optimist."

When they successfully make their first 800 mile crossing, there is no high like it… "We made it! … This is it - the mountaintop perspective, the big 'O' of my first adrenaline climax…"

Eventually, finally, this plagued-by-seasickness land-lover becomes a real sailor.

Family issues, cramped quarters, wild weather, and disasters with their boat ensure many life concerns are addressed, particularly will/can/should your love for your partner trump the love of your own life dream?

This cuts both ways, and these two people never stop the tug-of-war between their opposing needs. The exotic and often isolated islands they visit, sea creatures they observe, friendships with people they meet in this gypsy lifestyle, all create an intriguing floating world.

Enticing as aspects of this journey were, and while acknowledging the almost unlimited opportunities for personal growth, I'm not the least bit tempted to try this myself… way too hard! That said, the rewards are unsurpassed; as DeRoche says, "I can do anything now because I sailed the Pacific".

A fluid, page-turning read. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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Title: Love with a Chance of Drowning

Author: Torre DeRoche

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