Rude shock coming for pool owners

RISING energy prices are making it harder for some Australians to keep warm in winter, but they will also hit the hip pocket when summer rolls around and not just for those with airconditioning.

New research by electricity retailer Pooled Energy has revealed swimming pool operational costs are likely to rise by an average of 53 per cent thanks to recent energy hikes.

This is significant when considering the annual total costs in different parts of Australia for a typical pool of 45,000 litres, with a 1100 watt pump.

Brisbane pool owners for example spend an average $1961 a year in total, which includes electricity and chemicals; while Sydney pool owners spend $1727 a year. Melburnians get a better deal due to the cooler climate, forking out $986 a year, but it is not a sum to be sneezed at.

The size of these costs would come as a surprise to many pool owners, who are not aware that the filtering, cleaning and chlorination of a pool can use 40 per cent or more of their total household energy consumption.

Pooled Energy claims it can save pool owners an average of $1292 a year in Brisbane, $1189 in Sydney and $626 in Melbourne.

Winter time might be the perfect chance to make a rational decision about whether or not you need a pool at all.

Trevor Veale

If the answer is yes, here are some tips for saving pool energy:

● Buy an efficient pool pump, as pumps can account for 70 per cent of the pool's energy consumption
● Cut down on usage of the pump, by setting the filtering cycle to the minimum time per day required to keep the pool clean
● Only heat the pool or spa when needed
● Buy a retractable pool cover to restrict evaporation and preserve heat. This can reduce heating costs by up to 50 per cent

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