Rosella family get help with accommodation

NEW HOME: WIRES Northern Rivers provides a home for some Rosellas.
NEW HOME: WIRES Northern Rivers provides a home for some Rosellas.

SOMEONE heard bird chicks piping from the bottom of a communications pipe on the boundary of a public walkway.

There was no cover or nearby trees and rain would quickly fill the pipe with water.

On advice of WIRES, five fluffy Rosella chicks were rescued and taken into care.

Rosellas will find any hollow they can to raise their young.

With the permission of the property owners, and the caring involvement of neighbours, a new nesting box, more secure and weather proof, was placed close to the original pipe along with a WIRES sign advising walkers of their presence.

Early the next morning, the chicks were taken to their new home. The parent birds flew over the spot several times.

Rosellas are shy and cautious, so they carefully approached the area.

After checking for the chicks in the original pipe they soon located them in the new box and quickly flew off to find breakfast.

Later that afternoon, the nest box was checked by the carer, and all five chicks were safely inside with full crops, showing the parents had been attending them during the day.

Checks will continue to ensure the parents are feeding the little ones until they are able to leave.

Want to care for wildlife? The next WIRES training is coming in September. Call the Hotline now to find out more.

The 24-hour hotline is for all calls to WIRES in the Northern Rivers: 66281898.

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