School Holiday Guide at Wildlife HQ. A friendly rooster.
School Holiday Guide at Wildlife HQ. A friendly rooster. Warren Lynam

Rooster v the new baby alarm

MY DAUGHTER and I went to the Art Gallery in Lismore.

The one with the Picassos and Rembrandts. We pulled into the carpark and there, in the car next to us, was a rooster.

We stared at him and he stared at us. He was completely unperturbed. There was food and water for him.

He looked quite comfortable. We wondered was this an art installation, Lismore style? After all, this is a very offbeat and creative town. Could it have been a statement about the relationship between bird and machine, or the difference between wings and wheels?

Was someone pointing out the end of the industrial age and the need to get back to our agrarian roots?

I don't know anyone drives around with a rooster in their car. Perhaps my circle of friends is too small.

My friends happily cart their dogs around with them, but in light of the rooster I now see that this is a very clichéd thing to do.

Perhaps I need to branch out. Get more daring and innovative friends.

We went into the gallery but I couldn't concentrate.

My other daughter was having a baby and I was on eggs about. I managed to annoy daughter 2, by fretting about daughter 1.

In the end, the baby arrived and everyone was thrilled. I can report that the new grandchild is perfect and already showing signs of talent.

She is exceptional at sneezing and yawning. I will now become a doting granny and will show photos at every opportunity to any passing friend or stranger. I won't discriminate.

As for the rooster in the car, my friend Gail said its Lismore version of a travelling alarm clock. I wish I had made that joke.

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