Robert Palmer loses role as ruler of the roost

Lantern Parade chickens
Lantern Parade chickens Sophie Moeller

IT was so good to meet Eric and Ellen Roslyn at The North Coast National's Poultry Pavillion last Friday.They run the Lismore Poultry Club and I was badly in need of their advice.

All is not well in the kingdom of my chickens. Looking back, the problem has been brewing for a long time but now it is getting downright violent.

We raised Robert Palmer (he thinks he's simply irresistible) and his chicks from fluffy little chirpers. It worked well at first because Robert turned out to be the only male and became really good at looking after the others as they roamed around our rural home. Until, that is, he got too protective and started attacking us all. We reasoned, at least, he kept the foxes and snakes away but then something happened: the natural order of Robert's world as ruler of the roost was compromised: he had a son. I love Dickie because Dickie loves me.

Robert was recently injured and the law of the jungle took over the farmyard. Dickie, sensing weakness, has been mercilessly attacking his Old Pa. I feel sorry for Robert but the young pretender is taking over. The chicks are turning on their master.

Unfortunately, Robert, you've been attacking the hand that feeds you and kharma's a bitch. Eric and Ellen have confirmed what I was thinking.

Anybody want an aggressive rooster?

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