Ridges rezoning scrapped

After mounds of correspondence Lismore City Council voted on Tuesday night to write to the developers of Roseview Rd, McLeans Ridges, and advise them that Council was discontinuing the previously approved rezoning application.

In May Council wrote to the developer, advising them that unless they signed the draft planning agreement the rezoning from agricultural to rural residential land would not proceed.

The developer, PacLib Group, replied saying that the requested contribution of $47,000 per lot made the subdivision unviable.

Cr Peter Graham moved an unsuccessful motion that Council keep the lines of communication and negotiation open.

“There is a potential for 25 lots, which means this Council would have the opportunity to receive $40,000 in rates every year,” Cr Graham said. “That's money that could go towards community facilities, like the hall, a bus shelter and a community space where families can kick a ball around...

“If Roseview Rd is rejected then the proposal for the community lot is forced onto the rest of the community at a potential cost of $300,000.

“We need to go back to the developer and come up with something workable.”

Cr Isaac Smith said he was confused by Cr Graham's arithmetic and that by his calculations, agreeing to the developer's request to discount contributions would cost the community $500,000.

“The other thing is this development would extend our urban footprint out into the hills, something that isn't appropriate in this day and age,” Cr Smith said. “I don't thing we can negotiate an acceptable outcome, particularly after these frankly nasty letters from the developer that essentially say, 'We're Sydney, we'll do what we want'.”

After Cr Graham's motion went down Cr David Yarnall moved the motion for discontinuation, saying he believed offering the developers a discount was unfair to ratepayers.

“We need to consider fairness to all parties, not just Council and the developer, but also the community,” Cr Yarnall said. “We need to be careful and look at the public interest.”

Council decided the public interest was best served by discontinuing the rezoning, voting 7/4 (Crs Graham, John Chant, Graham Meineke, Neil Marks against) for Cr Yarnall's motion.

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