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Ray Martin to review ABC's Q and A program

THE ABC Board has today admitted to mistakes surrounding Zaky Mallah's appearance on its live panel show Q&A.

The board has undertaken a review of the events related to the program which aired on June 22, during which Mallah was in the audience and was permitted to ask a question.

Q&A's executive producer has received a formal warning under the misconduct provisions of the ABC's industrial agreement.

The ABC Board found that the live nature of Q&A made it different to Mallah's other TV appearances and found shortcomings in the vetting of Mallah's social media comments.

But in today's statement the ABC board also emphasised the program's ongoing importance.

"It attracts a large, loyal and engaged audience," the ABC said.

"The Board considers that the program should have a long future on the ABC and decisions to make any changes to its format and operational practices should be made after careful consideration."

Former Managing Director of SBS Shaun Brown and television journalist Ray Martin will now carry out an independent review of the program's content including all content from the first half of this year.

The findings of their report will be published later this year.


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