Rail corridor in the firing line

At the risk of irritating people who like guns, NSW Labor will go back to dealing with the devil the week after next, when parliament resumes.

The Shooters Party has introduced a Private Member's Bill with a number of proposed changes to the Firearms Act, including my particular favourite: Large Calibre Permits for minors.

Mmmmm, encouraging children to play with handguns - isn't that a progressive idea that will lead to a more peaceful and less violent society.

Other changes proposed by The Shooters Party include allowing children under 12 years to fire air rifles (under adult supervision); reducing the time after an AVO that you can have a firearm licence from 10 to five years (I bet victims of domestic violence weren't consulted about that one); and allowing hunting in National Parks.

I don't have a problem with responsible adults target shooting at a licensed range; I don't understand why people want to do it but I don't understand why people want to bungee jump, race powerboats or wear Ugg boots in public either - that's simply a matter of personal choice and taste.

It's a different matter encouraging children to play with guns and I don't care if it's under adult supervision - there are simply some things that are inappropriate for children and firing large calibre weapons is one of them.

So what's on the table such that the NSW Labor Party (already widely recognised as having standards, ethics and dress sense lower than the Moran family) needs the Shooters?

Selling off assets of course, including disused rail lines, which includes the Casino to Murwillumbah line.

Page MP Janelle Saffin moved last week to lobby the NSW Government about that particular section of line (which runs through her electorate), and good on her for doing something on a State issue.

Whether or not the NSW Government chooses to listen or play Russian roulette will be watched with interest; when you've got nothing to lose, it's easier to pull the trigger.

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