SUN DRIED: It's best for baby. What system you adopt is up to you.
SUN DRIED: It's best for baby. What system you adopt is up to you. FamVeld

Quick flick and all's dry

WHILE the queen ate bread and honey, the way rich people do, where was the maid? In the garden hanging out the clothes.

Hanging out the washing to dry in the sun is one of life's endless chores.

Me, I like the whole ritual of washing, drying, folding and putting away. I love the smell of sun-dried linen.

Sleeping in between sheets full of sunlight is one of life's great pleasures.

But many people have very particular views on how washing should be hung out. I am one of them.

So when I watched my friend hang out his washing, I could see he was doing it wrong, wrong, wrong.

For one thing, he wasn't doing the "flick”.

This is the short sharp flick you give your items before you peg them out.

This simple and effective move allows the washing to dry more easily by removing all wrinkles and fold overs.

Keeps those trouser pockets from being a crumpled damp mess long after the rest has dried. Added bonus is that things don't need ironing if you do it right.

Everyone has a system of sorts. Some colour co-ordinate their clothes as they hang them up, match the pegs and are fussy about size and place (smalls in the inside or outside lane?).

Some reckless souls merely fling clothes on the line with no pegs (shudder). That kind of wacky anarchy is too much for me.

There are those who suggest there are more important things in the world to worry about than how you hang the washing, things like the peace, plastics, war and refugees.

And these earnest people are right. Good for you, I say as I go about hanging up the washing on the line.

Thanks for the reminder.

My friend didn't seem to take kindly to my issuing of instructions about clothes hanging techniques.

I found it hard to stay quiet. When I saw he was hanging his shirts all wrong, I made a few helpful suggestions. Put them on a coat hanger, I said, after a good flick.

I won't repeat what he said to me, but it was clear I had crossed a line. His system, his way. And this I knew I must respect.

At least till he went out, and then I quickly repegged everything.

Possibly I should have stuck with bread and honey and minded my own business, but those clothes weren't going to dry well land I felt the need to stage a much-needed intervention. I'm helpful that way. Especially when it comes to washing.

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