Quality assurance from Five Loaves

IN response to Katherine Green, (Tough times for Five Loaves, Echo, April 4):

We are part of a small band of dedicated volunteers who give their time freely, seven days a week, to collect food to give to the needy in our community free of charge.

Katherine, the food that we collect daily is on the table to you and others within 30 minutes of our last pick up. Nimbin (Saturday evening) is about one hour after last pick up.

All food collected is put on the table as room permits. Sunday and Friday nights there is no drop off so food that is perishable or contains cream etc is refrigerated overnight (for health reasons) to be given out the following day. Nothing is frozen, and food is turned over every 24 hours with anything remaining (often very little) going to farm animals.

The sushi is picked up at 5.30pm and is on the table to you at 6pm.

On Tuesdays, Five Loaves also take their service to Southern Cross Uni, where the students are very appreciative of the lunches provided.

Ninety nine percent of those we serve are very encouraging and express thanks for the service Five Loaves provide and we will work hard to carry on Darcy's legacy.

Katherine Green, we invite you to give of your time for a week and come and walk in our shoes. You will be most welcome.

The greedy and hard hearted (as you label us) would hardly give so many hours to our community without reward. We do this because we care and want to give back to the community.

Last and not least we would like to thank our generous food donors - Crustys, Goanna, Henry's, Millers, Breadcrumbs, Brumby's and Sushi. And to Southern Cross Uni for sponsorship, Lismore City Council for their generous donation for van maintenance and the Lismore SDA op shop for your continuing financial support. Any donations are welcome and may be left at the SDA op shop.

Doug and Lena Willis

Five Loaves volunteers

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