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Protestors call for truckie's job back at RACQ HQ

RACQ has kicked a group of union protestors out of their Brisbane headquarters this afternoon after they demanded the reinstatement of a sacked tow truck driver.   

51-year-old driver Murray French spoke exclusively to Big Rigs last week after the news broke the RACQ had fired him for not following procedure.  

Mr French was assisting a quadriplegic driver on the M1 at the Gold Coast who had broken down.   

Mr French said the rear tyre on the man's car had blown "badly" and he was so close to traffic that to open is door to access his wheelchair would encrouch one metre onto the road.  

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Murray French.
Murray French. Contributed


Mr French made the decision to winch the man while still inside the car, which when brought to the attention of management, cost him his job.  

Today a dozen members of the Transport Workers Union descended on the RACQ office to show their support for Mr French.  

"This was a very serious matter and the driver's actions were in breach of the law, RACQ's strict safety protocols and actually placed the member at far greater risk," RACQ executive general manager advocacy Paul Turner said last week.  

AAP reports the group was told police would be called if they did not leave after requesting a meeting with management.

TWU secretary Peter Biagini said Mr French did nothing wrong and deserves his job back.

"We're missing a lot of common sense in our society today," he said.

"Murray used that and he's been crucified for it."

The matter will be reviewed by the Fair Work Commission.

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