Protesters say truth is up there – we’re being poisoned

POISONED FROM ABOVE: Protesters marched from the hill at Alexandra Headland to Mooloolaba and back to raise awareness of chemtrails.
POISONED FROM ABOVE: Protesters marched from the hill at Alexandra Headland to Mooloolaba and back to raise awareness of chemtrails. Brett Wortman

WHEN David Bagguley looks to the sky he doesn't just see clouds, birds and planes. He sees much more sinister things.

Mr Bagguley is part of a worldwide group against "chemtrails".

They aim to uncover "the truth" behind the white trails that aircraft leave behind.

About 30 people from the South-East Queensland Against Chemtrails staged a protest at Alexandra Headland yesterday to raise awareness of their beliefs.

They marched peacefully to Mooloolaba to highlight what they believe is an effort by a higher being to poison and control the world through chemical sprays shooting from the back of commercial and military planes.

They believe the trails contain biological agents, aluminium and barium, which are known to be poisonous to humans, plants and animals.

Are we being poisoned by 'chemtrails'?

This poll ended on 16 February 2015.

Current Results

Yes, and the New World Order is behind it


Yes, but it's accidental or not what it seems


No, they're contrails, we know what these things are


No, conspiracy theories distract us from real threats


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

They say they are being deliberately sprayed into the environment around the world.

Scientists call the white streaks "contrails" - short for condensation trails.

They say they are simply formed when water in the jet exhaust mixes with wet cold air and condenses to form ice crystals.

Mr Bagguley admits his chemtrails claims sound a little unbelievable or crazy, but he is part of a growing group of supporters that believes someone or something is out to harm us.

He suggested the "New World Order" could be to blame, but no chemtrail theorists can know for sure.

He said that the term New World Order referred to the emergence of a totalitarian, one-world government.

"We don't know the exact reasons why they are spraying us with these chemicals but we believe it could be the New World Order releasing this to control the food source," Mr Bagguley said.

"It is difficult to believe, and it is incredible to think they are getting away with this, but that is why we are protesting to raise awareness.

"Just do some research and see how real this threat is."

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