Call for Royal Commission into Bowraville murders

IT'S hoped people power will force a Royal Commission into the Bowraville murders.

Organisers of a protest rally to be held on Thursday, March 14 want as as many as people as possible to join them on a march from the Hyde St fountain to the steps of Parliament House in Macquarie St .

The march is to call for a Royal Commission into the murders in Colleen Walker-Craig, Evelyn Greenup and Clinton Speedy-Duroux in 1990 and 1991.

More than 20 years on justice still hasn't been found for the families of the three victims and Leonie Duroux said it's time the trio can rest in peace.

"Sadly nearly two weeks ago, we received the advice from the Office of the NSW Attorney-General via Mr Andrew Stoner that the NSW Attorney-General has decided to form the view that there is not enough fresh and compelling evidence to proceed with these cases," Ms Duroux said.

"We are calling on the NSW Government to grant us a Royal Commission including the original police investigation, the committals, the inquests, the two failed trials and the subsequent total lack of concern shown to the families by the NSW Government."

In June 2011, a submission was received by the NSW Attorney-General requesting he exercise his powers under Section 115 of the Crimes (Appeal & Review) Act 2001 and submit an application to the Court of Criminal Appeal for the retrial of the persons acquitted of the murders.

Ms Duroux is admant there's enough information available to provide enough evidence to bring a conviction.

"The evidence has been reviewed by a criminal QC, legal experts from one of the biggest law firms in Australia, a leading Professor of Law and her expert team," she said.

"For 15 years the matter has been investigated by a very experienced homicide detective.

"All of the expert opinions we have obtained clearly shows if all three cases were tried together there would be a reasonable chance of conviction."

The peaceful protest will begin at Hyde St at 10.30am.

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