Property rights threatened

Just like Jeff Champion (Echo, February 9) I am a rural landholder of freehold land currently under threat of restrictions being placed on my private property by another party. In my case the other party threatening restrictions on my property is Champions Quarry. Being placed in a quarry buffer zone places a long list of restrictions on use of your private property; that's in addition to the nasty physical impacts of a quarry. The proposed quarry expansion would restrict my rights on my private property. I'm not alone. There are 23 homes within the buffer zone of this project site. That's 23 families being dictated to by another party.

Our property rights will be removed by the Champions Quarry development encroaching onto us. Reducing our property rights and reducing our property values. Jeff Champion has been squealing long and hard about private property rights relating to the LEP and draft KPoM. To me, this appears hypocritical when the Champions Quarry expansion is threatening the property rights of myself and 22 other families. The Council's LEP and draft KPoM at least have good intentions. What reason other than greed can be behind this development?

Jeff Champion's letter states it's time "to take a stand to ensure our children and grandchildren enjoy freedom and choice". Jeff Champion wants a quarry expansion and his children and grandchildren to have freedom and choice. Why do our children and grandchildren deserve less freedom and choice? Why are our property rights less important? Jeff Champion has had a small taste of his own medicine and finds it doesn't taste good when forced on you. I can tell you it tastes even worse when the reason behind it appears to be greed. Jeff Champion states he is not a developer. My understanding is Jeff Champion's companies have made the applications for this development. Is someone else the developer?

Jeff Champion's other letter (Echo, February 9) states the 'issues' of the Woolley bund, visual issues, construction noise and Aboriginal cultural issues have been 'addressed'. Addressed to where? For Champions Quarry they appear to be just that - 'issues' to be 'addressed' and posted away. For residents and the community these issues impact our properties, our lives, our homes, our children and grandchildren. Jeff Champion states the quarry will be paying road levies. It appears the proposal offers a pittance in relation to road haulage damage. Is greed at work here again? More impact for the community from 100 truck movements per day damaging the roads with the community forced to pick up the shortfall from Champions Quarry proposed reduced payment of levies to LCC. I believe the issues have not been 'addressed' and LCC must object to the quarry expansion Preferred Project Report to protect not only the local community but the wider ratepaying community and our roads.

Rod Wadsworth

Tucki Tucki

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