THE public has given a resounding tick of approval to the idea of a youth curfew in the Northern Territory.

More than 90 per cent of people who participated in an NT News poll believed there should be a curfew introduced to stop trouble on NT streets.

The call for a curfew came from CLP opposition leader Gary Higgins after 50 vehicles were vandalised at an Alice Springs car dealer last week.

He claimed the Labor Government had been "too slow to respond to soaring crime" earlier this year.

As of Monday afternoon, more than 1000 people had voted in the poll on the NT News's website, with just eight per cent believing a curfew should not be imposed.

People also took to social media to voice their opinions, from offering ideas to laughing off the suggestion.

Tracey Albano said something had to be done to stop rising youth crime.

"Maybe a night patrol service like the old booze patrol that picks them up and takes them home. And if they're picked up x amount of times, family services and even Centrelink are notified (if parents are on benefits) the accountability needs to start," she said.

"The police shouldn't be doing it as part of their job, they have enough to do. Or assign one police person/liaison to a patrol service that enforces the curfew."

Others doubted a curfew would be able to be workable.

"Seriously? What about we just make them promise really hard not to be bad!" Michael Theodoris said.

Mitch Henderson said a curfew wouldn't work in the real world.

"It's all good in theory, but they don't even follow strict bail conditions so why would they follow this?" he said.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said Labor would not implement a youth curfew to keep kids off the streets.

The mayors of both Darwin and Alice Springs declined to comment on the issue.

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