Detectives examine the scene where a police car crashed into a motorcycle.
Detectives examine the scene where a police car crashed into a motorcycle. Mitch Mott

Police car runs over teenage motorcyclist

AN EVENING of motorbike riding has ended with a 16-year-old in hospital with serious injuries after being run over by a police car in Adelaide's north.

Police reported that the incident occurred at around 8.30pm on Sunday during a routine traffic stop which ended with the single officer vehicle colliding with the bike on McCartney St, Parafield Gardens.

Brodie Mewett-Sweet, 16, was riding with the teenage victim, Ben, when he said the police car drove over the bike and its rider, dragging them both onto the kerb and causing serious injuries.

"Me and my mate were riding most of the night and then we came back here for a while," Brodie told The Advertiser only hours after the incident.

"As we were reversing out the driveway he was waiting for me, stationary in the middle of the road. Then the cop showed up and pretty much went bumper to his front wheel and told him to stay on the bike, very aggressively.

"Ben threw his hands up and said sorry, 'I don't know what I've done'. Then the cop apparently tried to get out the car and accidentally put his foot on the accelerator."

Ben had reportedly put his foot on the ground and was preparing to get off the bike when the car "went straight over the top of him".

Brodie ran inside, alerting his mother while the shaken police officer got out of the car and went to the teenager's aid.

Detectives examine the scene where a police car crashed into a motorcycle.
Detectives examine the scene where a police car crashed into a motorcycle. Mitch Mott

Brodie's mother, Sue Sweet, was one of the first to reach Ben and said the teenager was in a lot of pain and his legs were visibly "twisted".

She praised the quick actions of the paramedics who rushed Ben to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.

It is understood Ben has two broken legs and a cracked pelvis but is in a stable condition.

Ms Sweet said Ben's family and Brodie's older brother were with him while he was in hospital.

"Ben is the sweetest, nicest boy you will ever come across, he is just so polite and well mannered," she said.

"I don't understand the aggression from the police officer. The cop looked like he was in shock when he got out to help."

Brodie said he had been told the police officer had received reports he and Ben had been racing up and down the street, a claim he denies.

"We were riding around this general area, doing the speed limit," he said. "We were going to go and drop him home."

Major Crash Investigators were called to the scene while the police car remained where the police officer left it, still running until late in the evening.

McCartney St was blocked for a stretch of more than 100m while investigators scoured the street, pinpointing tyre marks and a long gouge in the road from where the bike was dragged.

Officers could be seen photographing the inside of the patrol car while the teenager's helmet and riding gear remained on the side walk.

A police spokesman confirmed there was no pursuit and Major Crash Investigators would be conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash.

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