FUN: Ruth and randy Nielsen at the 2016 Nimbin Poetry World Cup.
FUN: Ruth and randy Nielsen at the 2016 Nimbin Poetry World Cup. Sophie Moeller

Poetic justice to be served for 2017 Poetry World Cup

THE 15th Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup will be held in the first weekend of September.

The winning poet will receive a $2000 prize, while runners-up will share a $3000 prize, with further prizes for the winner of the People's Choice Award, among others.

Each poet will have eight minutes to perform one or more poems.

There will be different judges scoring each heat, the semis and the final.

One of the judges at the final will be the winner of the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup in 2016, poet Robin Archbold.

Poets will be judged on the poem, performance skills, audience reaction and how close they are to eight minutes.

  • The Poem: It can be about anything, in any style or form. Poets can perform one or more poems. They can recite, slam, rap, free verse, folk, sonnets, haikus, rimas, monologues or poetic tale for eight minutes.
  • The Performance: Reading is allowed but this is performance poetry, so does not score as well as someone who knows their piece by heart.

Over the years there have been amazing props, acrobatic choreography, outrageous costumes, thespian presentations, poets stage diving, interacting with audiences and one poet even did her piece standing on the judges' table.

Normal poets, in normal clothes, doing normal things still win, however, by knowing their piece, presenting it well and most importantly, taking the audience somewhere poetic for eight minutes.

  • The Audience: The audience is comprised of poets, poetry fans and members of the public who walk in.

Audience reactions of course vary with the poet and how they make them laugh, cry or sit in stunned silence, among others, so the actual reaction during a poem is a hard one for judges; but full points usually go to a poet who gets a standing ovation.

  • Time: Eight minutes is the time designed to test poet's endurance and keep the weekend running efficiently. The difference between 1st and 2nd place last year was seven seconds, so it is important poets get as close as they can to eight minutes.

The weekend of poetry costs a donation entry price for audiences during the heats on Saturday and semi-finals on Sunday.

Entry to the finals on Sunday night is $15.

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