Corinne Henderson, 32, was stabbed to death in her apartment. Her former partner is charged with her murder.
Corinne Henderson, 32, was stabbed to death in her apartment. Her former partner is charged with her murder.

Photos of bloodstained body and unit shown to court

GRAPHIC photos of Corinne Henderson's bloodstained apartment have been shown in court during the trial of her alleged killer.

Townsville man Dane Andrew Pilcher has pleaded not guilty to murdering Ms Henderson, his former partner, on September 26, 2015, by stabbing her to death.

Crown prosecutor Michael Cowen QC alleges Pilcher killed Ms Henderson after seeing a Facebook photo of her with new boyfriend Dwayne Wickham at Townsville races.

In Townsville Supreme Court yesterday, scientific officer Sergeant Alan Bartulovich said he went to Sanctuary Apartments in Idalia for a forensic examination the day after Ms Henderson's death.

Photos of the unit were shown in court.

One photo, with a view from outside looking through the front door, showed a bloodstained kitchen knife in a pool of blood near the entry of the house.

Sgt Bartulovich said blood on the handle and the blade was tested and both samples came up with a mixed DNA profile, matching both Ms Henderson and Pilcher.

Photos of Ms Henderson's body - lying on the floor of the main bedroom and covered in blood - were shown to the jury.

Justice David North told the jury to approach the case dispassionately.

"None of the photographs are pleasant to look at, but there are a number of photographs that are particularly unpleasant, usually those of the deceased," he said.

"Can I remind you of something that Mr Cowen said at the start of the trial - that is that you are to approach your task, reaching your verdict, dispassionately."

Photos of blood stains in the entry, kitchen, lounge area and main bedroom were shown to the court.

Mr Cowen asked Sgt Bartulovich where it appeared Ms Henderson started letting out blood.

"Based on the DNA profiles that we got back, Corinne Henderson's profile commenced in the area of the hallway area ... in front of the bedroom," he said.

"This is based on the lack of her DNA being located in any of the bloodstain patterns that are identified in the front area, extending to the hallway located in the kitchen and the mixed profiles located of her and Mr Pilcher."

A photo of a smashed kitchen window was shown to the court. Mr Cowen alleged Pilcher entered the third-floor unit by smashing the window.

During the trial, Dr Helen Fraser said she treated Pilcher in the Townsville Hospital accident and emergency department on the night of September 26, 2015.

"I asked him how he sustained the injuries to his arm ... He replied that he went through a window feet first," she said.

Dr Fraser said Pilcher declined pain relief numerous times. "(He said) he didn't want any pain relief but he was in a world of pain in his head as he'd killed a person tonight," she said.

The trial continues today.

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