Clive Palmer seen during Anzac Day commemorations at Nambour.
Clive Palmer seen during Anzac Day commemorations at Nambour. Iain Curry

Pressure mounts on Clive as villa buy-out offer pulled

CLIVE Palmer has withdrawn his offer to buy out the villa owners at the Palmer Coolum Resort for less than half the price they were originally sold for.

The offer was withdrawn on the same day millionaire footwear distributor Peter Sheppard announced in the Daily he planned to take Mr Palmer head-on.


The villa owners received a letter from the resort general manager Simon Stodart, dated July 1, saying the offer was now off the table.

"We refer to the conditional contracts forwarded to you in respect of your unit and advise Palmer Coolum Resort Pty Ltd does not want to enter into that transaction as contemplated by that documentation and advises that the transaction is not at an end," it reads.

"For the avoidance of doubt, Palmer Coolum Resort PtyLtd hereby withdraws any offer to enter into such contracts."

But if Mr Palmer had any thoughts this would signal a peace treaty with Mr Sheppard and the villa owners, he is wrong.

Mr Sheppard has organised a "get-together" in Melbourne this Thursday with other owners who may want to join in his campaign.

He is trying to raise $1 million as a fighting fund against Mr Palmer and has pledged to donate the first $100,000 himself.

He has told other media another two owners have already contributed $120,000.

Celebrity advocate for well-being, medical doctor and author, Dr John Tickell, is understood to be addressing the Melbourne function.

Mr Sheppard said it was Dr Tickell who sold the concept to many wealthy businessmen like himself back in the 1980s.

Mr Sheppard warned other owners to be careful now the "ludicrous Clayton's offer has been withdrawn".

"Be on the guard, he will try something again," he said.

He is determined to rally his other millionaire friends who bought off-the-plan at the resort in the 1980s.

He has shared his memories of playing golf at the resort, enjoying the spa, taking the shuttle to Coolum and "just being together having fun".

"Just plucking out some memories at random, but if you have memories like mine, fight to the death, because money is infinitesimal compared to lifestyle with your family," he said.

Neither Mr Palmer nor his media advisor, Andrew Crook, responded to the Daily's request for details on the issue.

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