Pacquiao V Horn: Why is the government promoting violence

Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao AP Photo - John Locher

WITH so much street violence in Queensland, I can not for the life of me see why the State Government is pouring taxpayers' money into promoting fighting.

Minister for Tourism and Major Events Kate Jones said securing the World Boxing Organisation Welterweight World Title Fight was a "major coup" for Brisbane and the local tourism industry.

"Brisbane will be pumping as the nation gets behind our local champion Jeff Horn, to see him take on the current welterweight world titleholder, Manny Pacquiao," she gushed.

No it won't Kate. Ninety-nine point nine per cent of Queenslanders have never heard of Pacquiao or Horn. And they don't give two hoots about boxing.

I wonder how promoting fighting fits with public campaigns against domestic violence?

Jones says 55,000 fight fans will come to Brisbane to watch the blood sport. Ruffians all, I suspect. I think it would be a good time to leave.


I SUSPECT there is a day of reckoning approaching for the ABC and SBS.

The public broadcasters are too costly to run and no longer serve a rightful public service.

They are not my words but the words of Maurice Newman, a former chairman.

He lambasted the ABC and SBS in a recent newspaper article.

"The group-think that pervades the ABC leans distinctly left.

"A university survey records 41 per cent of its journalists vote Green. There's a lack of editorial curiosity or disposition to surprise.

"Routinely, it supports fashionable "progressive" causes, like Islam, refugees, climate change and indigenous issues. It predictably condemns Israel, the Catholic Church, Tony Abbott, Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump. Free speech, free markets and rational economics get short shrift. "Management is focused on gender and ethnic ­diversity, but not thought."

Well said Mr Newman.

I have been watching the ABC slide to the left for 45 years. Every year we give them another $1.5 million from the public purse.

It's time to drain the swamp.

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