Australia-Day-Pavlova Photo Contributed
Australia-Day-Pavlova Photo Contributed Contributed

Oi! Get your mits off our pavlova!

STOP stealing my pavlova.

I can tolerate the daily fish and chips comments and stifled giggles as I try to pronounce six and deck.

My recent migration across the ditch has more benefits than pitfalls, but watching Australians lay claim to my national pudding is where I draw the line.

They say love thy neighbour, and I am extremely grateful for the Coast's hospitality. Despite similarities in the flag, we're not the eighth state.

I was born down the road from Phar Lap, in the region of the mighty Crusaders.

Then on Thursday I listened to Channel 7 commentators attempt to lay claim to 16-year-old Nico Porteus' Winter Olympic win and I realised that sometimes it takes both countries to shape the greatest.

I love my neighbours and I feel extremely privileged to be here, but like the All Blacks I will defend my country like no tomorrow.

Our rivalry could be best compared with siblings.

But this time you have taken it too far Australia and I want my pavlova back.

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