Non-violent, but non-negotiable

METGASCO has now finished drilling at Glenugie and plans to move deeper into the Northern Rivers' heartland to drill a CSG core well at Doubtful Creek in Kyogle in the next few days.

The choice is between the radical plan of a few to turn the Northern Rivers into gas fields, and the conservative, responsible option, supported by the majority, to protect our people and environment.

Findings of greatly elevated levels of atmospheric methane across the Tara gas fields warn us that lowering water tables and drilling and depressurising coal seams could lead to poisonous coal seam gases venting into the atmosphere.

Despite the risk to public health, drilling is going ahead and no baseline assessments of water and air are being taken.

In the absence of pre-drilling data, gas miners can deny responsibility for any subsequent adverse effects on health and the environment.

Community surveys and polls show that only a tiny minority of people support the CSG industry in this area. The vast majority of people do not want the Northern Rivers turned into gas fields.

What happens at Doubtful Creek will affect everyone in the Northern Rivers. Some people say that they will do something about CSG some time in the future, if and when it directly affects them. But this is like leaving a spot fire to burn in the belief that you will be able to put out the raging bushfire when it threatens your house later on.

Citizens from all walks of life and political persuasions - your neighbours and other members of the community - will be voicing their opposition to CSG at Doubtful Creek.

They will exercise their democratic right to speak up for our way of life, our property values, and the well-being of our land and people. They respect the local police as neighbours. Their opposition is non-violent, but non-negotiable.

Please support your community's opposition to CSG drilling at Doubtful Creek in Kyogle. You can help by being there to bear witness and to demonstrate the strength of our community. Expressions of support and other contributions would be appreciated.


Dr Wayne Somerville



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