Noisy solar in hot water - Oct 22

My absentee neighbours recently “did the right thing” and installed a Solarhart brand 'Synergy' hot-water heat-pump after the last one caught fire.

It is a magnificent, gleaming, green-painted edifice. So environmentally correct and cheap to run too!

Unfortunately, there is a severe downside to this eco-centricity. It is also very noisy indeed.

So say good-bye to quiet enjoyment or tranquillity if you live nearby!

This Solarhart system exceeds and even contravenes the legal noise regulations for NSW urban areas, especially at night after 10pm. It may be 'eco-smart' and trendy, but it is as noisy a big air-conditioner on full blast.

To make it far worse, it comes on at varying times in the day and also throughout the night at any time for long periods.

Most annoying, especially if you are right next to it and trying to sleep in a tight-packed town scenario.

Perhaps a more considerate neighbour (and manufacturer/installer) would allow for the vital needs for un-interrupted sleep from nearby residences in their choices for environmentally correct hot-water systems in future?

I hope so, as this particular case may soon be going to arbitration, or even legal action.

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