No New Year cheer from petrol retailers with prices climbing

THE state's top motoring body claims greedy petrol retailers are constantly stinging motorists across regional Queensland with inflated prices at the bowser.  

There has been no new year cheer from petrol retailers as prices continued to climb across the state.  

RACQ fuel spokeswoman Renee Smith said on Wednesday it was evident petrol retailers were only concerned with their profit margins which saw Gladstone, Rockhampton and Mackay register some of the highest petrol prices in the state.  

Ms Smith said last month Gympie had knocked off the Sunshine Coast's four consecutive months as being the cheapest place to fill up in the state.  

"We have seen some very greedy petrol retailers so far this year," she said.  

"There has been no good reason for the record petrol prices seen this year.  

"At the moment retailers set their own prices so there is really no governance surrounding them.   "It is really a tough time at the moment for motorists, especially in some regional centres."  

Ms Smith said the organisation was monitoring what changes occur in prices after the recent introduction of capped fuel discount vouchers.  

"We hope to see lower fuel prices after the introduction of capped fuel vouchers," she said.  

"We believe the big fuel discounts have led directly to inflated margins."  

Ms Smith urged motorists to shop around to seek out the best prices in your location.  

"It is so important for motorists to shop around and not wait until the tank is empty," she said.  

"It can save you hundreds of dollars each year by doing so."  


  • Rockhampton 159.3
  • Gladstone 158.3
  • Mackay 156.1
  • Bundaberg 155.2
  • Brisbane 154.7
  • Hervey Bay 153.7
  • Ipswich 152.2
  • Warwick 152.1
  • Sunshine Coast 151.8
  • Toowoomba 151.8
  • Gympie 151.7

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