MILESTONE: Arna and Vanessa Rodgers, the No Frills Twins, at Google Headquarters in Sydney.
MILESTONE: Arna and Vanessa Rodgers, the No Frills Twins, at Google Headquarters in Sydney.

No Frills Twins hit 100k YouTube subscribers

THE No Frills Twins, Arna and Vanessa Rogers, celebrated their 100,000th subscriber to their YouTube channel recently.

The music duo, aged 22, received a plaque from Google Australia (company that owns YouTube) to celebrate the milestone.

The twins also have 380,000 followers on Facebook.

We had a chat to the Lismore sisters after the celebration at Google Headquarters.

What was your original intention when you set up your Youtube channel? Did you have a goal at all?

We originally started our YouTube channel to please mum.

She's always been extremely proud and supportive and eager to show us off to her friends.

I don't think we fathomed the vastness of the internet, we just thought we'd be viewed by family and school friends. So when we started receiving appraisal from countries as far away as Brazil we were shocked and excited.

Do you have a strategy to bring more subscribers in?

We've never had a strategy or been too caught up with numbers.

We've always been ourselves and that's what people seem to have gravitated towards.

Although it feels amazing to have 100,000 people subscribed to us, our esteem isn't built off numbers, it's built off reading comments like "you've inspired me to be myself” and "you're positive role models”.

Where are your fans located? What countries? And who are they?

Our audience is so eclectic: from toddlers, teens, to even the elderly from all parts of the world.

It's an amazing feeling to create universal music that seems to be inclusive of all different types of people.

We have a major fan, a middle-aged man in the British Air Force, who sends us regular letters, Christmas cards and engages in all our social media posts.

We pay close attention to our fans and have such a tender appreciation for them. 

How did you celebrate your 100K subscriber?

We were invited to the Google Headquarters in Sydney where the Google team threw an intimate celebration breakfast and awarded us a big framed Silver YouTube Play Button!

It felt really special that such a big and busy company put the thought, effort and time to commemorate something they viewed as a big achievement.

We felt like two little country bumpkins mingling with the big bosses! It was really cool. 

What is next with your music and film projects?

The horror movie we acted in, called The School will be coming out early next year.

We've only seen the trailer so far and it looks so good!!

We're releasing a new song Lonely With You on December 22 to wrap up the year.

We've got amazing new management now and some exciting stuff in store for 2018.

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