CRACK AT RECORD: An egg has become the most like photo on Instagram.
CRACK AT RECORD: An egg has become the most like photo on Instagram. contributed

No FOMO with this Instagram sensation

THERE'S a new push for world domination afoot. Stand aside politicians and attention-seeking influencers.

The most liked picture on Instagram is - wait for it - an egg.

Somebody hatched the plot to beat the celebrity domination of Instagram by uploading a picture of a lovely brown-speckled egg with the caption "let's set a world record ... currently led by Kylie Jenner”.

The online community came on board and the photo quickly got 28 million likes.

Isn't that lovely? When there is a collective combined exasperation about self-serving vanity, good old hilarious humanity strikes back.

Others then posted pictures of fruits and vegetables and, just for fun, sent egg emojis to Whatshername's account.

The egg page on Instagram #EggGang #EggSoldiers #LikeTheEgg has, at last count, nine million followers and 53million likes. That's the spirit.

It's stuff like this that makes me happy to be alive. If it wasn't for this I would be drowning in a sea of guilt and despair about everything in the news.

Ridiculous vanity posts are easily ignored but the tragedy of the environment and the futility of war are part of the human story that won't go away.

Naturally, I immediately liked and followed the egg.

If you go and look at any of the Instagram posts of the Kardashian family - and strongly suggest you don't - you will tire very quickly as all the photos are the same. Much wearing of tight outfits while pouting.

In the interest of a good story I looked at Kim Kardashian's posts from when she went to Bali. I love the vibe of Bali.

She said "and here's some pics of my trip”. Hold on to your seats folks - all the pics were of her.

There was a tropical plant in the background of one so possibly it was Bali. I couldn't be sure though.

I selflessly pressed on in my investigation. I found scantily clad angels, their children in magazine covers and opportunities to buy loads of make-up.

It was all so attractively and persuasively packaged I began to feel I really should buy some that pretty stuff. That if I did I too would somehow be able to lead a gilded life.

Suddenly I reached saturation point and snapped out if it.

I went back to the world_record_egg. There it was, speckled and lovely.

I felt better immediately.

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