No charges for dog owner over heatwave death

THE owner of a dog who died during the recent hot weather that hit the Rose City will not face charges, the RSPCA has confirmed.

RSPCA spokesperson Michael Beatty said there was a "basic lack of evidence" the pooch died as a result of the heat.

"You legally need a vet report to press charges and unfortunately we weren't provided with one," Mr Beatty said.

"Even if we could prove it, the owner may not have been charged."

Mr Beatty said the dog's owner was reportedly very distressed about the incident.

"It appears the dog's chain has become wrapped around a piece of furniture," he told the Daily News.

"This is a classic case that we warn people about - it's very distressing."

The resident who found the dog said she was disappointed with the result.

"With all the red tape it makes it hard," she said.

"Perhaps they should change the way it's all done."

"There's nothing you can do."

Mr Beatty said the incident should serve as a tragic reminder of the importance of keeping dogs cool.

"If you're chaining your dog make sure it can't get tangled on anything," he said.

"It's important to make sure your dogs have shade and access to fresh water."

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