Nimbin takes nudity for a ride

The last time The Echo wrote a story about the World Naked Bike Ride in Nimbin, it ended up in the Cut & Paste section of The Australian, a newspaper renowned for its love of promoting nudity and its capacity to create positive world change.

We're not sure what crazy left-wing publication we'll end up in this time around as we once again help to promote the World Naked Bike Ride, happening in the village this Saturday, March 3. Organiser Mijimberi said anyone keen to bare some skin for the cause is asked to meet at 10am at Peace Park. Riders then move to a 'secret' location to strip off and do some body painting before hitting the road about midday to cycle around the village.

"We do this to rapturous applause and adulation," Mijimberi laughed.

Now in its fourth year, the event is all about encouraging people to be aware of cyclists and what better way to get some attention than with naked bodies peddling the message?

"It was originally set up with the purposes of exposing the vulnerability of cyclists and pedestrians on the roads - to remind people they are out there and drivers should watch out for them. The message is 'Let's share the road'," Mijimberi explained. "It's also about promoting transport alternatives that don't rely on fossil fuels."

Mijimberi said it can be scary to get your kit off in public but often people come back for more once they've faced their fear.

"It's great to do something once a year that you've never done before, that challenges you - to widen your outlook on life and boost your spirit and soul a bit," Mijimberi said. "We have people who come and are very shy and uncertain and don't take their clothes off - it's 'bare as you dare', so you don't have to be naked. They might just take some clothes off and paint a bit of their body, then the next year they'll take off a bit more or all of it. We have a paint-up with people painting each other's bodies with flowers and peace signs and things, and that often makes people feel less naked.

"It's a great community event and on another level it promotes healthy communities in the sense that there's participation and the chance to be naked in your own town. It's one of the few times it's okay to show your dangly bits!"

Anyone is welcome to join the friendly chaos this Saturday or you can check out the group on Facebook (just search for World Naked Bike Ride - Nimbin).

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