Franco Girardi from Nimbin, happy to hear about the new skate park.
Franco Girardi from Nimbin, happy to hear about the new skate park.

Nimbin gets new skatepark

The young people of Nimbin are one ollie closer to finally getting a working skate park.

At Tuesday night's meeting Lismore City Council voted unanimously to use its total funding allotment of $449,000 from the second round of the federal government's Community Infrastructure Funding for the planning and development of a skate park in Nimbin's Peace Park.

Addressing the meeting in public access time, Nimbin skater Connor Anderson said he'd taken time off his holiday to come and speak.

“I am a local 14-year-old regular skater and I'm passionate about it, it's one of my favourite things to do,” Connor said. “In Nimbin there's not much for youth to do and a skate park is ideal.

“We need a safe and comfortable place.

“I could easily spend six hours a day meeting friends, but now it's come down to parents having to drive us to Ballina to the skate park there.

“A skate park could be another tourist attraction for Nimbin.

“Now when I walk past the skate park, normally you'd see kids having fun, but all you see now is a wasted area looking sad and hopeless.

“How long do we have to wait for something other towns would have had ages ago?”

Connor asked that Nimbin skaters had some say in the design of the skate park, saying he thought the same sort of concrete used in the Ballina park would be ideal and that in summer people used the current Nimbin infrastructure less because of the risk of falling off and burning yourself on the hot metal.

Speaking to his notice of motion to commit the money to the skate park Cr Clough urged his fellow councillors to support him.

“This issue has had more attention than fluoride, and that's saying a lot,” Cr Clough said. “Thanks to the people of Nimbin for participating in the democratic process. Council had such an influx of emails, letters and videos.

“While there has been some debate about a steel skate park as against a concrete skate park, 90% said they would be happy with concrete.

“This is a very important issue in this community, especially for young adolescent males - it's a healthy activity they can enjoy, having good, clean fun.”

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