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Ngaiire hits Hottest 100 glory for Once

26/01/16 2:15pm: FORMER Lismore resident Ngaiire has made it into the Triple J's Hottest 100 list for 2016, landing at number 73.

This is the first time Ngaiire enters the list as a solo artist, and it is also the first time someone born in Papua New Guinea has made it into the Triple J list of most popular music of the year in Australia.

Ngaiire is set to release her next single, Diggin, in February.


Original story: ONCE is the stylish, chilled single by former Lismore resident and Kadina High student Ngaiire, and is set to hit the Triple J Hottest 100 list on Australia Day.

The song's placement in the Triple J list will be the consolidation of a fantastic 12 months for the Papua New Guinea-born singer, now based in Sydney.

We had a chat to Ngaiire ahead of the release of her new single, Diggin.

When is Diggin being released?

February. It's about those people who bring you back from the pits of self-pity.

SBS TV did a story on race relations in Australia with you recently. Do you feel race was an issue for you when you lived in Lismore?

Not at all. It was actually by default that we ended up in Lismore with both my parents studying at Southern Cross but we couldn't have settled in a better part of Australia. We were very lucky to be embraced by such an accepting community.

You had a fantastic 2015, with great live performances (Splendour, Pacific Games) and radio hits (Once), how did it feel for you?

It was a year of weeding out a lot of excess baggage that I didn't need to carry further into the rest of my journey.

Having Once added to full rotation on Triple J was definitely a pivotal moment for me.

I'd always had a healthy sense of self-belief but for me, 2015 was the year I really started to get to know myself and my capabilities.

Did you ever think Once was going to be such a successful track?

Not at all. It never crossed my mind for a second that it could be single material to be honest.

This new album was a very collaborative one so I really learned to listen to other people's creative opinions and not get too attached to my own.

Once was the result of a massive leap of faith on my part as I would never had gone with it as a first single.

Would you like to ask Northern Rivers fans to support you in the Hottest 100 vote?

Are you serious? Yaaaaas please!

And what about your fashion plans?

Oh dear. I'm going to say yes and manifest that I will have a line out soon, some time this year regardless of how busy I will be.

I just found out that David Bowie passed and it's reminded me of how much of a legacy he left behind and how much he was always creating.

I'd like to think that his passing has left a great landmark for the people of 2016 to do more with their lives and make this year count more then ever.

They say life is short but it kind of feels like Bowie's was strangely long.

Like he did actually fall to earth from some far off land.

What a lord. Here's to you.

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