ROCKY'S love of burgers has stepped up a level.

Rockhampton's George St McDonald's restaurant has become the first of the company's Central Queensland operations to trial the Create Your Taste concept.

And it's provided 40 new jobs as the company looks to cater for an expected increase in demand.

As the region battles a growing obesity problem, the new menu addition is promoted as enabling healthy options.

McDonald's George St licensee Gary St George said the initial response to the concept had been positive with a push for healthy options.

"We see plenty of patrons already customising their orders, either by requesting additional sauce or removing pickles.

"Create Your Taste takes this one step further, placing all of the control in our customers' hands," he said.

"It's as healthy or unhealthy as you want to make it; it's all up to your finger."

The concept invites customers to choose from more than 30 ingredients, including caramelised onion, guacamole and crispy bacon, through their new customisable digital kiosks.

In an attempt to create an eat-in experience, customers are treated to table service while they wait for their creation to be made fresh off the grill.

"It takes probably an extra two to three minutes longer than a standard menu item, but we have employed chefs to cater specifically for the gourmet burger platform," Gary said.

"There will always be customers like tradies who want a quick meal and then others who want a more gourmet dining experience."

At a starting price of $8.95, the burgers eat more of your budget than a basic Big Mac or Grand Angus.

The innovation comes as the global McDonald's empire attempts to arrest sliding sales.


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