New FireFall mega-patch trailer released

RED 5 Studios have released details and a new trailer for Firefall's latest mega-patch, which launched during an exclusive PAX East press event last weekend.

The new PAX East milestone transforms Firefall's open world into a deadly warfront for the Chosen invasion and updates the game with new dynamic and local events, a revised progression system and revamped crafting.

The milestone is currently live for beta testing.

APN Gaming currently has two players in the Beta and will review the game as it progresses.

In Firefall's latest milestone, mankind is desperately fighting to maintain its hold on New Eden.

The Chosen invasion is pushing out of the Melding and systematically bombarding strategic locations with new siege engines, troops and tactics.

Without proper defenses, key areas and SIN locations such as Thump Dump and Sunken Harbor will be taken over and consumed by the Melding.

Players must band together and push back against the encroaching threat, or risk losing the last vestige of humanity.

The latest patch includes an injection of PVE content including the first batch of ARES missions, 30 new dynamic objective-based combat scenarios throughout New Eden.

In addition, players will find upgrades to existing dynamic events - such as instanced encounters inside Melding Tornados - custom LGV races, new Thumper mechanics and more.

Firefall's progression has also been changed in this milestone.

Open world PvE Battleframes have been untethered from PvP matchmaking for deeper customization and extended vertical progression - allowing players to fully utilize an enhanced crafting system to upgrade their frames.

PvP will now use standardized Battleframes to ensure that matches are both strategic and balanced during eSports play.

This milestone is Firefall's largest update yet and includes many additional changes and improvements that affect nearly every part of the game.

For full patch notes and info visit or stay up-to-date with the latest devblog at

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