Need to find a polar bear or two? Time for Arctic getaway

Aurora Expeditions cruise through Greenland.
Aurora Expeditions cruise through Greenland.

A SHORT film showcasing the ethereal landscapes and mesmerising wildlife of Greenland and Spitsbergen has been released to highlight the inspirational journey of travelling to the European Arctic.

The six-minute vignette portrays the grandeur of the Arctic as towering icebergs and massive glaciers majestically collapse and crumble.

Kayakers glide through inky waters and Zodiacs cruise through giant fjords featuring ancient geological displays.

A walrus scrounges for food, harbour seals bask on rocks, musk ox and Arctic hare endure the Arctic winds, whilst the mighty polar bear gracefully boards an ice flow.

A close-up of a compass marking the ships route on a paper map enriches the maritime experience of travelling unchartered waters and sailing around one of the most remote destinations on our planet.

Aurora Expeditions team of expert guides and naturalists emphasise their passion for the region through on and off screen dialogue.

"Life is so harsh here and it's such a different environment very driven by the climate. Most people haven't experienced anything like that." says Aurora Expeditions' naturalist, Dr Alan Burger.

"There is nowhere else you can go that is like the Arctic, it's one of these places that leaves a real impact on you and an opportunity on the wee ship Polar Pioneer is certainly one to grab." says expedition leader, Don McFadzian.


Aurora Expeditions will run four expeditions to the European Arctic regions of Greenland and Spitsbergen between June and August 2014.

All expeditions are operated on board their 54 passenger, ice-strengthened expedition ship, Polar Pioneer, with a team of expert guides and naturalists to interpret the surrounding landscape and wildlife.

All expeditions include ship accommodation, meals, shore excursions and guiding services. Prices start from AU$6,080 per person for an 11 day cruise.

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