Mythologising our past

Mythologising our past in the stories of Anzac and Terra Nullius may have been a vehicle to make us feel good as the militaristic slaves of the British Empire in the past, and now the USA, but these stories have done nothing to help promote world peace or healing of disenfranchised people.

To achieve world peace we must move out of the Age of Empires and all the warfare that has been encouraged by such a state of world relations.

To continue to keep true history hidden from the masses and use such a powerful propaganda machine as the movie and television world to keep us duped is not only a most heinous crime but an outrageous example of fiddling while Rome burns.

We need cultivation of intelligence for this most delicate hour in human history and instead there has been active movement towards dumbing us right down. We have mottoes yelled at us from all directions denying us the right of democratic debate.

Our recent military forays into the Arab world have come after a long period of keeping the Arab peoples subject to Western European powers.

Of course the Western powers, and especially the USA, are seen as an evil force by many Arab peoples. We duped the Arabs at the end of WWI and have continued to act against their interests ever since. Instead of honouring statements of support made by the British for a united independent Arab state, which they had given the Arabs for their help in overthrowing the Turks in WWI, Britain and France divided up the Arab lands between them.

The British Foreign Secretary Sir Arthur James Balfour, instead of supporting self-determination for the Arabs who comprised most of Palestine's population, went on to promise their land to the Jewish people as a national home. King Hussein of Jordan called The Balfour Declaration "the root cause of almost all the bitterness and frustration in our Arab world today."

In our reporting of tensions in the Middle East we tend to give no credibility to the Arab actions of nationalism. Our headlines are nearly word for word what were said about the Irish during their struggles of independence from the British Empire.

Billions of dollars of military aid are given to Israel every year even though Israel has left a trail of bloodshed and non-compliance to international agreements from the beginning.

Our world is now very overcrowded and full of displaced people. Our military and colonial resource gathering is displacing more people every minute. The West has grown fat on the largesse of eating food from other people's shores and feigning ignorance to the destruction of the process.

Let's face it: Europe and Britain without their colonies would have been nothing. The raw goods flowing into Europe during the last few centuries kept starvation at bay and allowed the growth of technology and institutions of learning. The conquistador example we have set that ignores the parameters of nature including pollution, depletion and sustainability has tragically indoctrinated many of the cultures and countries on the planet. Now it is time to share and help repair instead of the continual taking that is enabled by the destructive acts of war.

Lynne Oldfield


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