Man accused of murder waits for jury to decide his fate

THE man accused of murdering Laurence Shane Black during a vicious fight at Gatton pub faces an anxious wait while a jury determines his fate.

Christopher James Earl, 29, has pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering Mr Black, 46, at the Imperial Hotel on October 28, 2011.

Barrister Robert East told the jury on Wednesday  Earl had not intentionally set out to kill someone on that tragic night.

"We are not here to discuss morality," he said.

"We are hear to discus whether Earl intentionally killed Mr Black."

"You have to remember he (Earl) was the one who called police the following morning.

"You would think if he knew he had just killed someone intentionally he would have hopped in his car and put as much dust between himself and the scene as possible."

Mr East said his client had been open and transparent with police when they went and saw him at Helidon Spa the following morning.

"It is easy to view the negative side in everything and that is what the prosecution wants you to do," he said.

"However, when he (Earl) actually found out Mr Black had died he displayed complete shock and remorse.

"He admits being in a fight with Mr Black, but all he thought he had done was simply knock him out."

Justice Applegarth spent the best part of an hour-and-a-half outlining points of law and reminding jury members of their responsibilities.

"Emotion must not play any part in your decision," he said.

The jury could deliver their verdict as early as today. 

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