Aussie comedian Akmal Saleh is questioned by Good News Week host Paul McDermott where he tells Rockhampton people to
Aussie comedian Akmal Saleh is questioned by Good News Week host Paul McDermott where he tells Rockhampton people to "go get f-----". Channel 10, Good News Week website

Why I punched Akmal: Jane's story

THE Rockhampton mother who punched Australian comedian Akmal Saleh in the face says she has nothing to apologise for.

The mum, “Jane”, phoned The Morning Bulletin after she read that Akmal was “angry with Rockhampton” for being punched during a visit to the city earlier this year.

Akmal claimed the mother accused him of being a pedophile while he was filming a skit with friends at the show.

Jane said she was only looking out for her five-year-old daughter and the four other girls she was looking after on the day.

She said Akmal and two other men, none of whom she identified as being famous, “left her worried” as they filmed the children on a ride.

“They were not lining up for any rides. They were simply filming children on the aeroplane ride.

“He was filming the girls. Not in a dirty way, but it was unnecessary. I told him politely: ‘You can’t do that’.

“It wasn’t like he was The Morning Bulletin. He wasn’t advertising, ‘Hi, I’m a comedian’. It was just three men filming little girls.”

Akmal claims the mother was rude.

He said he tried to tell the woman she had it wrong and offered to show her the tape.

Akmal said that instead of being polite, the woman told him: “Bulls---, you’re f---ing taping people’s children and you’re a pedophile, you dirty wog (expletive).

“I should have dealt with her much more rationally and calmly. I just said, ‘Go away you idiot’, and before I could finish she just whacked me really hard,” Akmal said.

Jane said that wasn’t how it happened.

“I asked him politely to stop and he just laughed at me,” Jane claimed.

“He told me to ‘f--- off idiot’. He was quite rude and quite abrupt.

“When he laughed at me and told me to f--- off, that’s when I hit him.”

Jane said Akmal “was offensive and got me wild”.

“He’s getting off very lightly. He was very abrupt, very rude. Everyone around him was getting angry. I just happened to be the one who spoke up.”

Akmal said as soon as he was punched in the face he and his mates decided to leave.

“We just bolted,” he said.

“I thought if we stayed we’d be lynched.”

Jane said Akmal could have avoided a black eye if he had stopped filming the girls when he was asked.

“After asking him to stop you’d think he’d realised he’d crossed the line and was offending people.

“He didn’t offer to show the video, he just laughed and said F off.

“If he’d just stopped filming when asked I would have let it go quite easily.

“But what provoked me was him laughing and saying ‘F off idiot’.

“Not only was he laughing when I was asking him to do something reasonable, he was laughing at me.”

Jane’s story has become hot property with national media, including Channel 9’s A Current Affair, which emailed The Morning Bulletin asking for Jane’s contact details.

The Rockhampton mother said she didn’t want to be identified because she feared assault charges would follow for attacking a celebrity.

Akmal sorry for Rocky attack on TV

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