Angela Colborn, 38 has revealed that she just knew ‘something was wriggling about in her head’ before shocking discovery
Angela Colborn, 38 has revealed that she just knew ‘something was wriggling about in her head’ before shocking discovery

Mum baffled after waking up with 'itchy ear' & swollen face

A MUM has recalled the horrifying moment what could have been a SPIDER was living in her ear and scuttling around for several hours.

Mother-of-two Angela Colborn went to the A&E department last week when suffering from an "itchy ear" and swollen face.

The mother believes a creature got into her hair when she walked her nine-year-old daughter to school along an overgrown path near an allotment.

"Sheer panic" began a few hours later on April 26 when she felt wriggling inside her head, and her face began swelling.

Then Mrs Colborn, aged 38, was left stunned when doctors at St Helier's Hospital in Sutton spotted legs deep inside her ear canal.

Medics found the creepy crawly was "lodged too deep" to be grabbed using forceps, so they flooded the ear with oil for 15 minutes to drown the critter.

Speaking this week, Mrs Colborn said: "I just knew there was something wriggling around in my head.

"It was like a horror film had become real."

She was "being driven crazy"' by the "noise and sensation" of "the spider" in her ear.

"I had a meltdown when the nurse said she couldn't see anything," she added.

"I was going mad and banging my feet against the bed.

"Then a doctor came in and laid me down to have another look and that's when he found it - I just told him to get it out."

Mrs Colborn, of Wallington, said it was "such a relief" when the doctor spotted the creature and drowned it.

While she has not seen the dead creature just two of its legs, she said that it "probably was a spider".

Mrs Colborn said she now sometimes walks around with a HOOD over her head to stop any other insect creeping into her ear, joking she "takes every precaution now" and looked similar to "Kenny from South Park" on a fishing trip last weekend.

She told the Croydon Guardian "It has made me a bit paranoid now.

"I use the torch on my phone to look in my ear and under the pillows before I go to bed just in case."

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