Jessica Peris has returned a positive test to banned substances.
Jessica Peris has returned a positive test to banned substances. DAN HIMBRECHTS

'Multiple banned substances': ASADA on Peris

JESSICA Peris was caught with evidence of three prohibited substances in her system when ASADA conducted an out-of-competition test in October last year.

A urine sample from the daughter of Olympic gold medallist Nova Peris tested positive with Australia's drug testing agency releasing a statement on Thursday confirming there was an on-going investigation into the sprinter for anti-doping violations.

ASADA took the unusual step of making comment during an investigation after Peris claimed there were "substantial flaws” in the testing.

The statement read: "Ms Peris was subject to an out-of-competition test in October 2017 where ASADA collected both blood and urine samples.

"Her 'A' urine sample tested positive for three prohibited metabolites listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency's Prohibited List.

Jessica Peris has criticised the testing process.
Jessica Peris has criticised the testing process. Jason McCawley

"Due to the nature of the prohibited metabolites detected in the initial urine screen, an additional scientific analysis was required before the positive test could be declared and the athlete notified.

"As a result of the type of substance detected, the athlete was subject to a mandatory provisional suspension from all competition, in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code and the Athletics Australia Anti-Doping Policy.

"This suspension was imposed shortly after Ms Peris was notified of her positive test.

"No prohibited substances were detected in the blood samples. Blood and urine screens are used to detect different substances, and substances clear from urine and blood at different rates.”

In a prepared statement Peris said she was disappointed it had taken three months for ASADA to alert her of the positive test.

"I did not take any performance-enhancing substance. I now believe that there are substantial flaws in the way in which my urine tests were conducted in respect of my urine sample to ASADA on 18 October,” she said.

"I am looking forward to fighting any doping allegation brought against me by ASADA and ensuring my reputation as a clean athlete continues.”

In response to Peris' criticism of the three-month wait before she was told of the positive test in January, ASADA CEO David Sharpe stated he was confident with the testing process.

"Our testing program is rigorous and professional, and is designed to detect doping, with the ultimate aim of protecting the right of clean athletes to fair competition,” Sharpe said.

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