A LIBERAL MP has been put in his place in one of the most brutal, and brief, television interviews Australian politics has seen.

Tim Wilson appeared on Sky News on Thursday afternoon to talk politics with host Peter van Onselen, but their interview was cut sensationally short when the pro-gay marriage politician refused to engage on one issue.

"Do you like the idea of a secret ballot in the party room?" Van Onselen asked, referring to a plan Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reportedly has in the works to canvas his party room on the marriage reform.

While he's previously been very vocal on the need for same-sex marriage legislation, Mr Wilson refused to answer his interviewer, saying he had "nothing more to say" on the topic.

"I'd rather talk about something else that actually matters tot he Australian population, the economy, energy prices, what's going on with Labor's tax slug. You pick it I'm happy to talk about it. I've said what I've said on this issue," he said.

Van Onselen was clearly uninterested by Mr Wilson's suggested conversation starters and instated chose to abruptly end the interview right then and there.

"Tim Wilson, thanks for your company," Van Onselen said before seamlessly returning to the headlines.

Twenty-nine seconds. Interview over.


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