GIANT SLAYER: Mark Visser sticks to a huge wave.
GIANT SLAYER: Mark Visser sticks to a huge wave. Ryan Robson - Robsonimagescallum Macaulay

Visser rides monster waves that shattered surfer's leg

ONLY hours after surfer Justin Holland smashed his femur on what's been billed as "Australia's biggest wave", Sunshine Coast surfer Mark Visser was back in the turbulent water.

Visser and another Coast surfer were jet skiing out to the Cow Bombie break of Gracetown in Western Australia when they saw the injured Holland being towed in by another jet ski.

"We arrived just after it happened, he was being towed in," Visser said.


The waves were "at least" 15m high and "the conditions were really dangerous.

"This particular wave is about two kilometres out to sea," Visser said.

"Holland didn't really turn and straightened out on the wave which crashed behind him. He didn't get his front foot off the toe straps and it snapped his leg."

Visser's mate, who asked to remain anonymous, climbed on the sled with Holland and "put his legs around him" for the agonising 2km journey back to shore.

"It would have been super painful for him," Visser said.

"He tried to keep him in position as they drove the water."

Holland was taken to Bunbury Hospital for surgery. He told other media he was "lucky to be alive".

"She's (the bone) absolutely shattered," he said.

"I'm pretty lucky that it didn't compound. I would have bled out."

But he said it was "totally worth it".

"I'd got eight waves before that and made every wave - this one was definitely a bigger wave."

Visser said he went back to shore after the Holland incident and waited for the wind to settle down.

"We went back out later that afternoon," he said.

"We were able to surf for nearly two hours before the wind came off shore again and we were starting to get blasted.

"The last wave I caught, I was nearly blown off it. If I had stayed in I would have been asking for trouble."

Visser said he couldn't say if Holland's wave was Australia's biggest, but "it was big".

"It was a very significant swell. I caught some awesome waves," he said.

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