Model goes underwater for maternity label photo shoot

MODELS working with Claire Quinn need to take a deep breath.

Quite apart from dealing with nerves, the Gold Coast photographer specialises in underwater portrait shoots.

Yesterday, her model was Toowoomba's Christina Webb, in a shoot for international maternity wear label Egg Maternity.

Ms Webb stepped into a backyard pool in a full-length gown for shoot, with Ms Quinn pulling on goggles and setting up her specially waterproofed camera equipment.

Christina Webb
Christina Webb Claire Quinn Photography

Ms Quinn said the biggest challenge with taking photos under water was getting the subjects to look relaxed.

"When you're under the water, you've got to remember to not look like you're holding your breath, which can be really tricky.

"Some people can't get it, and some people are kind of naturals.

"It's all about the bump today. We have to show off their beautiful clothes, but also focus on the beautiful bump."

Christina Webb.
Christina Webb. Claire Quinn Photography

Ms Quinn said developing the technique for her unusual type of photography hadn't come easily.

"I saw a guy in the States doing it, and I thought you know what? I can do that too.

"There was a lot of practicing, and getting my friends and my daughter in the pool.

"It was trial and error really."

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